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  1. I think the Internet is really useful. We can get lots of from it.

  A. thing B. message C. idea D. information

  2. I hope everyone can care about the environment and stop things.

  A. protecting; wasting B. protecting; to waste

  C. protect; waste D. protect; to waste

  3. —How do you like the short play?

  —Funny, the music of it is not so good.

  A. so B. though C. or D. because

  4. Betty is . She likes talking and making friends with others.

  A. shy B. quiet

  C. serious D. outgoing

  5. —How do you usually go to work?

  —On foot. Walking is much than driving during the heavy traffic time.

  A. fast B. faster

  C. more faster D. fastest

  6. —Both of the T-shirts are in style this year.

  —But I think this one is .

  A. popular B. much popular

  C. more popular D. the most popular

  7. I think listening is just as as speaking in language learning.

  A. important B. more important

  C. more difficult D. more interesting

  8. —The teachers in that school speak either English or French, or even .

  —That’s so cool!

  A. all B. both C. neither D. none

  9. The mother sang a beautiful song to make her baby .

  A. to sleep B. sleeping

  C. sleeps D. sleep

  10. —Can you tell me why you learn English so well?

  —It’s easy. you work, grades you can get.

  A. The more careful; the best

  B. The more carefully; the bet哈尔滨哪医院看癫痫病好ter

  C. More carefully; better

  D. The more careful; the better


  Friends are very important in people’s lives. Some friends have 1 views and interests, and 2 like the same things. Should friends be different 3 same? In my opinion, I don’t care. I have two best friends, Wang Lei and Lin Ying. Wang Lei 4 like me. I am 5 than most of the students in my class, and Wang Lei is also quiet. And we both enjoy 6 . On weekends, we often go to the library to do some reading. But the other friend of mine, Lin Ying, is 7 different from me. She is much more outgoing, and she likes 8 and often makes me laugh. She also likes 9 , so she is more athletic. I don’t think differences are important in a 10 . What’s your opinion?

  1. A. same B. different C. active D. free

  2. A. others B. another C. other D. the other

  3. A. and B. but C. or D. then

  4. A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. does D. is

  5. A. quiet B. quieter C. outgoing D. more outgoing

  6. A. reading books B. playing games C. watching TV D. going to the movies

  7. A. not B. more C. quite D. lots of

  8. A. doing sports B. telling jokes C. going to parties D. going shopping

  9. A. sports B. books C. movies D. subjects

  10. A. match B. concert C. family D. friendship

  三. 阅读理解

  Find and keep your friendship

  Every one of us, rich or poor, should at least have one or two good friends. Your friends will listen to you when you speak, will take care of you when you are sick, and will be together with you in your journey through life.

  Everyone北京著名癫痫专科医院 needs friends. Friendship can make us happier. How can we find a good friend and get on well with each other? Here is some advice.

  ★Make friends with a person who is easy to get along with.

  ★You should make friends with a person who has something in common with you.

  ★Give your friend a hand when he or she is in trouble. Friends should always be ready to help each other.

  ★Believe in each other. This is the most important thing in a friendship.

  ★Even the best friends may have a quarrel sometimes. If this happens, don’t let your quarrel last too long. Try to make up with your friends soon.

  Friendship is a kind of treasure in our life. It is like a bottle of wine, the longer it is kept, the better it will be.

  根据短文内容, 判断正误(T/F)。

  ( )1. Rich people don’t need friends.

  ( )2. If your friends are in trouble, you should help them.

  ( )3. Make friends with people who are not difficult to get along with.

  ( )4. Don’t believe in your friends.

  ( )5. Best friends don’t have a quarrel.



  1. Linda is (相像的)to her mother.

  2. Nothing is too difficult if you put your (内心)into it.

  3. We didn’t win the match. We had to face the (事实).

  4. Parents always (关心)about their children.

  5. Class Five (获胜)in yesterday’s school basketball match.


  根据表格中提供的信息, 写一篇短文介绍你和你最好的朋友Nancy的相同之处和不同之处。

  要求: 1. 包含表格信息, 可适当发挥;

  2. 不少于70个词。

  Nancy 1. 比我高得多, 更外向

  2. 更擅长唱歌、跳舞

  3. 喜欢去听音乐会


  4. 喜欢运动

  5. 学习努力, 各门功课都学得好

  6. 喜欢阅读, 通常在周末一起去图书馆

  7. 喜欢上网

  8. 喜欢旅游








  一、1【解析】选D。考查名词。lots of其后跟可数名词的复数或不可数名词, thing, message和idea是可数名词, information是不可数名词。

  2【解析】选A。考查固定搭配。care about doing sth. 关注做某事; stop doing sth. 停止做某事。句意: 我希望每个人都能关注保护环境并且停止浪费东西。

  3【解析】选B。考查连词辨析。句意: ——你觉得这个短剧怎么样? ——有趣, 尽管它的音乐不是那么好。so“因此”; though“尽管”; or“或者”; because“因为”。

  4解析】选D。考查形容词辨析。shy“害羞的”; quiet“安静的”; serious“严肃的”; outgoing“外向的”。由第二句句意“她喜欢谈话和与别人交朋友”可知贝蒂是外向的。

  5【解析】选B。考查副词的比较级。由答语中的than可知应该用比较级形式; 句意: ——你通常怎么去上班? ——步行。在交通高峰期, 步行比开车快得多。

  6【解析】选C。考查比较级。由上文的主语Both of the T-shirts可知比较的范围是两者, 因此用比较级, popular的比较级是在其前加more。

  7【解析】选A。考查固定句式。as. . . as. . . “像……一样……; 同……一样……”, 表示两者在某一方面相同, 此结构中要用形容词或副词的原级。

  8【解析】选B。考查代词辨析。由句中“English or French”可知even后的代词表示其前“二者都”。all表示三者或三者以上都; both表示两者都; neither表示两者都不; none表示三者或三者以上都不。

  9【解析】选D。考查固定搭配。句意: 为了使婴儿睡觉, 那位妈妈唱了一首美妙的歌。make sb. do sth. “使某人做某事”, 固定搭配。

  10【解析】选B。考查比较级。答句句意: 很简单。你学习越认真, 你就会取得更好的成绩。“the+比较级……, the+比较级……”表示“越……, 就越……”, 第一个空格处的词修饰动词work, 因此要用副词carefully, 故选B。

  二、1【解析】选B。考查形容词辨析。由下文的the same things可知上文对应指的是: 重庆哪家看癫痫病有些朋友有不同的观点和兴趣。different“不同的”。

  2【解析】选A。考查不定代词。some. . . others. . . “一些……另一些……”。

  3【解析】选C。考查连词辨析。此句是一个选择疑问句, 意为: 朋友应该不同还是一样呢?

  4【解析】选D。考查语境理解。通过前面说王蕾和林莹是我最好的朋友, 排除B(不喜欢); 此处like为介词“像”, 由下面两句知王蕾和我一样。

  5【解析】选B。考查形容词的比较级。由than可知前面用比较级, 排除A、C两项; 由下文“. . . and Wang Lei is also quiet. ”可知选B。

  6【解析】选C。考查固定结构。be quite different from“和……很是不同”。

  7【解析】选A。考查语境理解。由下句“. . . go to the library to do some reading. ”可知。

  8【解析】选B。考查语境理解。由下句“. . . makes me laugh. ”可知。

  9【解析】选A。考查语境理解。由后文“. . . she is more athletic. ”可知。

  10【解析】选D。考查语境理解。短文谈论作者对友谊的看法, 故选D。

  三、1【解析】F。由第一段第一句“Every one of us, rich or poor, should at least have one or two good friends. ”可知。

  2【解析】T。由第三条建议中“Give your friend a hand when he or she is in trouble. ”可知。

  3【解析】T。由第一条建议“Make friends with a person who is easy to get along with. ”可知。

  4【解析】F。由第四条建议“Believe in each other. This is the most important thing in a friendship. ”可知朋友之间应相互信任。

  5【解析】F。由最后一条建议中“Even the best friends may have a quarrel sometimes. ”可知最好的朋友

  四、答案: 1. similar 2. heart 3. fact 4. care 5. won


  Nancy is my best friend. In some ways, we are the same. Both of us like sports. We are both hard-working and good at our subjects. We both like reading, and we usually go to the library together on weekends. But in some ways we are different. She is taller and more outgoing than me. She is better at singing and dancing. She likes going to the concert. For me, I like surfing the Internet. And I love traveling. In fact, I don’t really care if my friends are the same as me or different from me.

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